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INDALEX Pro Series Aluminium Extension Ladder 14ft (2.6 m - 4.1 m) WITH SWIVEL FEET


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Height: 9ft - 14ft / 2.6m - 4.1m
Approx. weight: 12 kg
Load rating: 180 kg
Warranty: LIFE TIME manufacturer's warranty
Product code: PROX14-SF

Photo Supplied: INDALEX Pro Series Aluminium Extension Ladder 22ft (3.8 m - 6.6 m) WITH SWIVEL FEET

Ladder features:
• 3-piece strong rung joint for anti-twist performance
• Ropes at side position allowing unobstructed path
• Same width of base and fly sections (42 cm wide “D” rungs)
• Heavy duty “I” beam stiles
• Swivel feet fitted as standard.
• Lightweight
• Manufactured to Australian and New Zealand Standards AS/NZS 1892