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Extension Ladders

Ensure that the top & bottom of the ladder is secured against slipping.

Ensure the ladder lock is properly engaged on both rungs.

Ensure the ladder is extended 1.0m above the roof line when using it to gain roof access.

When using long extension ladders, it is best to have an assistant.

Remember the four in one rule when using extension ladders.

The ladder should always be 1.0m out from the wall for every 4.0m of the length of the ladder between ground and vertical support.

Step Ladders

Double Sided Step Ladders should only be used when in the fully open position.

Ensure the ladder is used on a firm level surface and stable.

Read the labels and do not stand where the labels say “Do not Stand”.

Do not stand on the top of a step ladder

Ensure your body is centred between the stiles of the ladder at all times.

Safe Use and Care of Your Ladder

Always inspect your ladder prior to using it.

Do not use a damaged ladder.

Face the ladder when climbing and working.

Wear non-slip footwear

Use only non-conductive ladders where an electrical hazard exists.

Do not leave your ladder unattended.

Store your ladder in a covered location.

Be aware at all time of other people when using your ladder

Using a ladder near a doorway is hazardous, lock, remove or block the door open.