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Product Lines

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  • Allweld
  • Bailey
  • BJ Turner
  • Branach
  • Climbmax
  • Fakro
  • Gorilla
  • Indalex
  • Stockmaster

Ladder Type

  • Aluminium Planks
  • Attic Ladders
  • Double Sided Step Ladders
  • Dual Purpose Ladders
  • Extension Ladders
  • Household Ladders
  • Ladder Accessories
  • Multipurpose/Telescopic Ladders
  • Orchard Ladders
  • Order Picking Ladders
  • Platform Ladders
  • Sectional Ladders
  • Single Ladders
  • Single Sided Step Ladders
  • Slimline Platform Ladders
  • Step Extension Ladders
  • Step Stair
  • Step Stool
  • Step Thru Platform Ladders
  • Work Platform


  • Aluminium
  • Fibreglass
  • Steel
  • Timber

Load Rating

  • 100
  • 120
  • 130
  • 135
  • 140
  • 150
  • 160
  • 170
  • 180
  • 200
  • 225
  • 260


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One Stop Shop Ladder Specialist

Oz Ladders is the one stop shop online store for industrial ladders.  We offer the largest range of ladders in Australia so you can compare ladders from different brands easily without having to go from one online shop to another one who only has a few brands, in some cases, only 1 brand available.

We supply the leading brands such as Bailey, Oldfield, Branach, Indalex, Gorilla, Climbmax, Stockmaster, BJ Turner, Allweld and Fakro attic ladders.

You can choose whether to get your new ladder delivered to you or pick up.

Platform Ladders

Platform ladders are now widely used at commercial sites.  It is safer and more comfortable for the user because it provides a large platform work area and a handrail. 

Platform ladders can also be easily folded for storage and transport like step ladders.

Castors and safety gates are also available as optional accessories that can be fitted to a platform ladder.

We stock INDALEX Aluminium Platform Ladders, the robust heavy duty industrial rated platform ladders.  The INDALEX ladders have been designed to last and incorporate the best methods of joining the industrial grade aluminium structural components so that the ladder can withstand repeated use without the joints loosening.

All aluminium components on INDALEX Aluminium Platform Ladders have been anodized for better corrosion resistance and lower retention of dirt and grime.

The slimline platform ladders are the latest ladder innovation from INDALEX. The ladders are lightweight compared to the heavy duty platform ladders and also very thin when it is folded.  They are very ideal for use in retail stores, offices and homes.

Step Ladders

Many people also call Step Ladders as “A” frame ladders due to its shape like a letter “A” when it is opened.

They are available in Double Sided Step Ladder and Single Sided Step Ladder in both aluminium and fibreglass.

Words from Our Happy Customers

"I can't believe I'm excited about getting a ladder, lol. You should see the one I have been working with for 2 years. You have been a pleasure to deal with, thank you for all your assistance."
- Darren Smith -

"This exercise has gone extremely well in all its stages and your company is to be congratulated on superb customer service and a fine product. Please bring this to the attention of your most senior manager; someone needs to be given the day off!"
- Trevor -

"I have now had a chance to use the Indalex TRDMP13 and it is a super ladder – way better than my old fold-up ladder"
- Peter -

"I received my ladder yesterday and would like to thank you for your excellent service and keeping me informed of the progress of my order. Will send another order for a couple more ladders."

- Tony Lopez -

"Thank you very much for your assistance.  You have impressed me with your customer service and responsiveness."

- Winston Hoang -

Extension Ladders

An extension ladder is used to access high places such as roof.  It consists of two straight ladder sections that can be raised or lower to the desired height.  Extension ladders are available in aluminium and fibreglass.  Fibreglass extension ladders must be used where there is a risk of electricity hazard.

Ladder leveller accessories can also be fitted to an aluminium or fibreglass extension ladder so you can keep the ladder vertical and safe to climb when it is used on uneven ground.