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Little Giant Fibreglass Adjustable Safety Cage 8ft-14ft


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Product Description

The Adjustable Safety Cage is the safest, most versatile and cost effective option when performing difficult tasks in challenging environments.

OH&S rules & regulations demand professionals working at heights must tie off at secure anchor points before performing tasks. These standards make it extremely difficult or impossible to undertake and forces operators to put themselves in hazardous positions.

Until now operators have had no option other than to use heavy, bulky scaffolding that is expensive and most of all time consuming.

Cherry pickers or hydraulic lifts are options that share similar frustrations.

The Little Giant Adjustable Safety Cage is made of high strength, non-conductive fiberglass resin composite. Each side adjusts independently in one-foot increments allowing the operator to reach a suitable safe height. The Cage can be used on stairs or sloping ground which scaffolding or mechanical lifts can’t enter. The fully enclosed work platform allows the operator to works safely in a 360-degree workspace with no need to tie off.

The Cage comes standard with Wheel Lift castors allowing you to wheel The Cage around whilst in maximum height deployment.

Models 5-9 & 8-14 come with Outriggers, which can be deployed for extra stability and safety.

PRODUCT CODE: 18515-240

Model Number18503-24018509-24018515-240
Weight Capacity150kg150kg150kg
Cage Min. Height2.03 M2.64 M3.55 M
Cage Max. Height2.64 M3.86 M5.38 M
Max. Highest Standing Level (Platform)1.50 M2.65 M4.05 M
Platform to Guardrail Height1.11 M1.11 M1.11 M
Platform Area.45X.55 M.45 X .55 M.45 X .55 M
Rung Size Single Section0.04m0.04 M0.04 M
Rung Size Double Section0.10 M0.10 M0.10 M
Storage Height2.35 M2.95 M3.85 M
Storage Width at Base1.15 M1.15 M1.15 M
Storage Depth0.28 M0.28 M0.28 M
Max. Footprint1.41 X1.44 M1.41 X 2.23 M1.41 X 3.25 M
Spreader SystemPlatformPlatformPlatform
Extension Lock SystemCast Aluminum Rock Locks™Cast Aluminum Rock Locks™Cast Aluminum Rock Locks™
Tip & Glide™ WheelsYesYesYes
FeetCo-Molded Snap OnCo-Molded Snap OnCo-Molded Snap On
Cage Weight34kg41kg54kg
* Subject to change
Cage Weight w/Wheel Lift™41kg48kg61kg
Warranty1 Year1 Year1 Year
Country of OriginAssembled in the USAAssembled in the USAAssembled in the USA

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