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Branach Ladders

Electrically resistant and lightweight, all Branach ladders feature unique fibreglass box rail. Industry proven and tested, the fibreglass box rail dramatically reduces twist and sway by up to 40%, while being both lighter and more durable than C-section ladders. Rungs on Branach ladders are bonded into the sidewall with structual adhesive, giving them superior strength, retaining their structural integrity throughout the life of the product.

Oz Ladders stores the best range of Branach Workmaster 450 mm Step Platform, Branach Workmaster 550 mm Step Platform, Branach Corrosion Master Step Platform, Branach Powermaster Extension Ladder, Branach Corrosionmaster Extension Ladder, Branach Powermaster Single Ladder, Branach CorrosionMaster Single Ladder and all Branach accessories compatible with the range.