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LITTLE GIANT Fibreglass Safety Cage Platform 4 Step (1.14 m)


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Product Description

The Safety Cage completely encloses the operator allowing hands-free access in a 360-degree platform.

OH&S rules & regulations demand professionals working at heights must tie off at secure anchor points before performing tasks. These standards make it extremely difficult or impossible to undertake and often entice operators to put themselves in hazardous positions.

A staggering 20% of ladder accidents occur when the operator misses the bottom rung when descending, resulting in serious knee, ankle & back injuries. Have you ever walked down a staircase in the dark and thought you were on the bottom step, but you were actually on the second bottom?????? Ouch!!!

To combat this issue, Little Giant has introduced the Ground Cue bottom rung alert system. The Ground Cue allows the operator to feel & hear an alert when stepping on the bottom rung, which prepares the user for contact with the grounds surface.

The Safety Cage is made of a resin-fiberglass composite, which aids the electrical industry as its non-conductive and extremely strong.

The huge 45cm x 55cm Platform has 2 toe-kicks that easily snap into place for extra safety.

Simply press on the two buttons on the handrail to lock it into place and use it to access the one-way walk-thru gates to enter the platform. The Guardrail stands at just over 1m high and the Tip ‘n’ Glide Wheels make it very simple to move from job to job.

The Safety Cage compacts to a slim 15cm depth when storing or transporting on the roof rack. The Safety Cage is the safest, lightest and most compact enclosed platform ladder in the world.


Model Number1960219604196061960819610
Weight Capacity150kg150kg150kg150kg150kg
Comparable Size of Traditional Stepladder1.22M1.83 M2.44 M3.01 M3.66 M
Cage Min. Height1.65 M2.30 M2.90 M3.50 M4.10 M
Cage Max. Height1.65 M2.30 M2.30 M3.50 M3.50 M
Max. Highest Standing Level (Platform)0.55 M1.15 M1.75 M2.30 M2.85 M
Platform to Guardrail Height1.05 M1.05 M1.05 M1.05 M1.05 M
Platform Area.45 X .55 M.45 X .55 M.45 X .55 M.45 X .55 M.45 x .55 M
Rung Size0.07 M0.07 M0.07 M0.07 M0.07 M
Storage Height2.00 M2.60 M3.20 M3.80 M4.45 M
Storage Width at Base0.65 M0.75 M0.85 M0.90 M1.00 M
Storage Depth0.15 M0.15 M0.15 M0.15 M0.15 M
Footprint0.85 M1.20 M1.60 M2.00 M2.40 M
Spreader SystemPlatformPlatformPlatformPlatformPlatform
Tip & Glide™ WheelsYesYesYesYesYes
Warranty1 Year1 Year1 Year1 Year1 Year
Country of OriginMade in ChinaMade in ChinaMade in ChinaMade in ChinaMade in China

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