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Ladder M8rix Anti Slip Safety Device


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Product Description

The LadderM8rix is a leading ladder safety device which helps secure the base of the ladder safely, by reducing the risk of the ladder feet slipping. The LadderM8rix helps to provide a safe, stable platform when working at height on ladders. Outdoors it can be placed on a variety of wet or dry surfaces including concrete, grass, pebbles, moss, decking, paving slabs, tarmac, snow and even solid ice! This is due to  the unique 2000 pin base that grips the surface. It also provides excellent grip on synthetic grass.

For indoors, use the rubber pad on the back of the case for use on all shiny surfaces like polished concrete, marble and tiles.

Product Length: 570mm    
Product Width: 380mm
Product Depth:  50mm
Product Weight: 3.55kg
Product Code: Ladder M8rix

Ladder M8rix with case
Length; 590mm
Spiked metal plate
Width; 380mm
Depth: 70mm
Weight: 6.00kg

Spike Metal Plate
Material:  Steel
Thickness: 1.0mm
Durability, corrosion protection: Z275 Hot-Dip zinc coating
Strength: The Ladder8rix plates can withstand this load which equates to 1.3 tonnes per inch2
Plates tested at: Characteristic plate anchorage capacity / with characteristic density of ρk = 350 kg/m3fa,0,0 = 2,82 N/mm2 fa,90,90 = 1,50 N/mm2